Let Them Eat Cake!

I have been doing some thinking about cake toppers after a recent incident at a wedding a few weeks ago.  

Maggie was a very nice bride.  She had a wedding and reception that was just her style, simple and on budget.  The bride and groom were very in love.  Planning with them was a breeze and their families got along great.  This was a great match and beautiful event. 

There was really nothing to tell you all about her until I saw it.  I was doing a final check on the room before letting Maggie and her husband into the room.  I walked by their five tier cake and had to do a double take.  Both the bride and groom are white, but sitting on top of the cake was a white groom and Hispanic bride.  I went to talk to the caterers to see if they placed the cake topper, which they had not done.  

So it was moment of truth time, I mean it isn’t like the bride wouldn’t notice that on top of her cake is tiny Hispanic woman looking lovingly into the eyes of her handsome Caucasian groom.  I knock on the door of the room that Melissa was waiting in before the wedding ceremony began.

“Um, hi Melissa, can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure!” she said.

“I think we might have a little mix up that I wanted to talk to you about.  We have time to make the correction, but I thought I should let you know.  The cake toppers are wrong, I have one of my staff people headed out to the store now to get a new one.”

“What do you mean they are wrong?”  she huffed.

“I know, I’m so sorry I just noticed.  The groom is fine, but the bride is Hispanic on your cake.”

“Oh that!” she laughed “When I was at the craft store buying them, I grabbed the wrong one and I didn’t feel like returning it.  I thought she looked like me with a tan.”

I have to say I was a little speechless.  I honestly couldn’t believe that she didn’t just pay the $10.99 to get a correct representation of herself on her wedding cake, but, to each her own, right?

This got me thinking about all of the different cake toppers I have seen in my life as a wedding planner.  I don’t think that you would believe me, so I have copied a few pictures for you to see the many different options for brides and grooms to choose from.  There are so many beautiful, elegant and classic toppers out there, but there must obviously be a need for these, because they are mass produced!  I guess I take love too seriously, but I just would never want some of these adorning the top of my wedding cake, and some of the others, I just don't understand.  I will admit that I did chuckle when I saw some of the pictures below, but really, on your wedding cake, in photos that are supposed to last forever.  Let me know what you think and please feel free to add funny cake toppers you have seen too!

Cute and different, if you are into Legos.  At least this company is keeping it tasteful, just a little nerdy.  I give it two thumbs up for being different, classy, creative and true to themselves.
Do I need to remind you that your mother, father, grandparents and children are in the room.  Give me the benefit of the doubt that I know you plan on consummating your marriage tonight, but can you not do "it" ON the cake??
I absolutely hate these cake toppers and anything else that is similar to this where the woman is dragging the man to the alter.  It is creepy and degrading to women I think.  Not all women are so desperate to get married that they drag someone to the church.
Really?  Mermaid Mice.  Really?  Again people these are mass produced with a price tag of over $30! Wow!
So, aren't spies not supposed to tell you they are spies?  Maybe this is their way of sharing secrets with friends and family.   "My job as a data processor is going well Uncle Sal."  Hint, Hint, Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink.
Really?  This is what you choose to be on top of your wedding cake.

It is unfortunate the number of the butt grabbing toppers, it was hard for me to choose just one, so I have shared two with you.

Ok, maybe I don't get the European Humor here, but do I need to remind you that your mothers, fathers and grandparents are here.  I would be so embarrassed.

This one was actually called "Groom and Stripper."  Who are you Stu from "The Hangover."  Are you so excited that you married a stripped that you put it on your cake?  Again, I would have to pass on the cake, especially if the strip club where they met was doing the catering.

I almost didn't include this because I didn't quite "get it," but on closer examination, I do believe that it is the bride and groom on top with chainsaws chopping up the men and women trying to get to the top.  And if you look closer, there are actual blood splatters on the cake.  I would not have been able to choke down a piece of that cake.

Oh I get it, the old ball and chain bit, but really? Nothing like starting your life off together on a positive note right?
Yes, you are correct, that is a bride, groom and deer on the top of the cake.  She is a very proud supporter of her man's huntin' skeeels.

Is he stopping her from running away or trying to trip her - either way, is that funny?

I guess this is the reverse of the topper above - the run away groom?  Stay Classy!

Marry me, or else!?!  Wow, nothing screams "we are in love" like a shotgun wedding.

"Hey Babe, It's me. Can't wait to get Married.  I'll call you right back I'm getting another call"

You do not need to have your eyes checked.  Those are two horses cuddling.  This was one of over 100 "animal themed" cake toppers ranging from cuddling animals, like above, to animals kissing to animals doing things that shouldn't be displayed anywhere except for on the National Geographic channel. Weird!
"For Better or Worse, In Sickness and in Health, Til Death Do is Part."

I have no words. 
 I think that somethings can really set the mood for the future of a marriage, and the cake is most certainly one of them!

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  1. I know a girl who might dig the lego topper. Very romantic next to the eiffel tower lego set she showcases. Oh-la-la. I'm glad my husband never saw the bride, groom and buck cake topper. He would have wanted it as a serious cake topper contender. BLEEK!