Don't You Know Who I Am?

Yes, yes, yes...I am well aware that it has almost been eons since I have written my latest and greatest exploits as a wedding and event planner extraordinaire, but what can I say, I have been busy.  Now while I catalog my thoughts of the events of the past many moons, I want to tell you about a quick interaction I have had with a new wedding booking. 

I like to call him John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.  I want to re-state that I have changed the names of my clients as to protect their identities.  So please do not get on Facebook and look up all of the John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidts to find out which is recently engaged.  From this point on I will refer to him as “JJJS” (feel free to insert the  “na na na na na na na” in your head each time you shout his name).

JJJS doesn’t call me initially.  JJJS’s fiance doesn’t call me initially either.  JJJS’s mother calls me.  I have know JJJS’s family since I was approximately in kindergarten.  JJJS’s mother proceeds to introduce her self to me as if we have NEVER met, and never seen each other in our lives.  I play along with the charade like any good event planner.  I talk with JJJS’s mother about the costs, details, etc of planning this wedding.  She is not sure that the venue is quite large enough for the party, but we place a date on hold and give her time to think. 

I hear rumors that JJJS has chosen a different venue and event planner so I am honestly relieved. 

On a random Tuesday, my phone rings. 

“Hello, I Do Expert - how can I make your dreams come true today?”

“Well, yes hello.  I need to ask some questions about a wedding.”  the voice on the phone sounds like a man whose ascot is too tightly tied, “I was wondering if there is an adjustment on price of services based on who I am, and who my fiance is.”

“Nope, regardless of who you are, the price for weddings and receptions is not negotiable.  It is, what it is.”

“Well, maybe if I introduce myself.  This is John...Jacob...Jingleheimer...Schmidt.”

“Fantastic.  Since we are doing introductions, I am the I Do Expert.  And sorry JJJS, there is no price adjustment even after you revealed your identity, just like the masked man on The Bachelorette didn’t get a rose after he revealed his identity.”

**Sidebar:  Ok, maybe I didn’t say that last piece about the masked man on The Bachelorette, but it would have been funny, right?

Back to JJJS.  I hung up the phone with him and he was disappointed he didn’t get a discount.  After three more phone calls of him trying to negotiate my very firm pricing, he decided that he and his fiance would be booking the event. 

Needless to say, JJJS and his fiance didn’t come in with the contract and deposit.  JJJS’s mother did. 

This wedding isn’t until fall of 2012 and I am already blogging about him.  This cannot end well. 

So remember….whenever you go out, the people always shout, “There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.”

I Do Expert