Catching Up on Wedding Fun Facts

I have been busy! There has been a lot going on so far this summer and with wedding season in full bloom, I do not expect to be able to breath until November. So although I have managed to get cards to my sister and her fiance in the mail on my scheduled mailing days to keep up with their wedding excitement building, I have let you down! I will be better, I promise!

Here are the three weekly posts that have slipped off of my list of things to do...where are those little fairies that are supposed to help me accomplish my list of things to do in a timely manner anyway, I don't think I approved their vacation time!

1) Did you know, that according to etiquette books and professionals, it is not necessary, in order to be in accordance with etiquette rules and regulations, that the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen match. This should be more well published than what it is, I think in order to alleviate disagreements between brides and grooms when choosing bridal party members.

Side Bar: Through some research, there are also no written rules stating that all men must stand up for the groom and all women for the bride. For example, there is nothing saying that the person filling the "Maid of Honor" role has to be a woman.

2) I have always collected quotes. Sometimes I feel like someone else can express exactly what I want to say better than I would be able to, so some of the wedding excitement building is in the form of quotations for my sister and future brother in law.

One of my favorite people, Lucy Van Pelt, once said
"All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!"

3) This is an interesting little wedding fun fact. Did you know that in Holland, it is (or was at some point in time) a tradition to plant a pine tree outside of the newlywed's home. This was for prosperity and good fortune.

Until next time loyal friends!

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